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Metabolism Overdrive.

The problem is, virtually no weight loss diet, or weight loss guru teaches you how you can positively influence your metabolism and make sure that you fine tune it to give you the most efficient and fastest weight loss possible

Your ‘ exhilarating and effortless’ drive would be a thing of the past and your lovely sports car would cough and splutter its way reluctantly and painfully to 50mph – if it managed to get there at all………

I tried calorie counting, low fat meals, low carb regimes, replacement meals, restricting myself to one or two foods, the egg diet, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet – anything that offered me a way to lose weigh

Maybe they don’t understand the importance of metabolism themselves, or maybe they don’t really want to give us the information that will enable us to regain control over our weight as it is in their interests to keep us buying their products or staying on their weekly programs foreve

When you consider just how much you’ve spent on diet books, weekly support meetings, meal replacements, special diet meals, you’d be shocked at the amount of money you’ve wasted – particularly as that money has gone on items that have actively contributed to slowing your metabolism to a craw

If, after putting the information in “Metabolism Overdrive” into practice , you still can’t manage your weight, just let me know and you I’ll gladly give you your money back and you get to keep the report as my thank you for giving it a g

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How To Get A Bathing Suit Belly.

There is your answer: you’ve been trying to solve a problem with one technique, when the problem is actually several smaller problems, all with different causes!

And what could be masquerading as fat, making your tummy look way fatter?

You don’t need to worry that you’ll get lost in a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense to yo

Skin problems: Is your skin saggy?

All 3 are different issues and you’ll find out just what you need to do for eac

Links to the 2 things you may not have in your house right now, showing you exactly where to go and what to get (the 2 items are not expensive; you probably just don’t have them this minute

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Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts. Guide for the layperson to the use of self-hypnosis for treating a variety of common problems such as weight control, smoking, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Hypnosis Weight Loss

Hypnosis therapy, or hypnotherapy, is becoming a growth industry thanks to the recent upsurge in popularity backed up by scientific research.

Unlike many unproven alternative medicines Hypnotherapy has been proved to work as thousands of people around the world have testified. Even the scientific community agrees that hypnosis can help people suffering from phobias and panic attacks, memory loss and insomnia, infertility and certain other medical disorders, stuttering and snoring, allergies and hyperactivity.

Problems such as anger management, work related stress, writers block and other anxiety related disorders can also be successfully resolved. Other things that hypnosis can help with include stopping cigarette smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, pain management (especially for migraines, cancer and childbirth) and weight /appetite related disorders such as obesity and bulimia.

Scientifically controlled studies by various Universities and medical organizations have proved that hypnosis weight loss in the form of hypnotherapy combining CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), exercise and a controlled diet has been shown to provide positive results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a way of psychologically modifying behavior patterns, individually held assumptions or beliefs.

If someone believes that they are unattractive then no matter what that person does, no matter what anyone says to them to the contrary, they will believe that they are unattractive.

Through hypnotic suggestion and evaluation a person can be persuaded to modify their thought processes thus changing their reactions to daily situations which can lead to a sometimes dramatic personal physical and lifestyle change.

An overweight person believes that all the extra food they eat is necessary either because they believe themselves hungry or that food is in short supply or that fat is good or one of many other reasons.

Someone suffering from Bulimia often has extreme guilt feelings about their overeating while for obese people overeating is often a form of compensation. These eating disorders are simply a manifestation of an inner behavioral disorder that can be treated in a sympathetic and gentle way.

Although there is no magical cure to these problems it has been shown that by using hypnosis or CBT a hypnotist can teach someone to relax thus alleviating stress.

The subject can then be introduced to new ideas and new patterns of behavior thereby changing the overeating routine. By changing the way someone sees themselves, by changing behavioral patterns, a subject can be made to pause and reflect on what they’re doing the next time they’re tempted to binge. This kind of therapy can also encourage the person to take up some form of exercise and start appreciating and looking after their body.

Hypnosis weight loss and other forms of hypnosis therapies have been proven to work gently and permanently by changing one’s attitude to oneself and others.

Hypnosis can help with many different kinds of illnesses and conditions where a behavioral disorder manifests itself as a physical problem. By gently persuading people to change their attitudes many have been helped change to a healthier, happier lifestyle using hypnosis weight loss and other therapies.

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New Research on the Placebo Effect

You have probably heard about the Placebo effect. We know new drugs are measured against the placebo effect because a good percentage of people get better just by taking sugar

I think a lot of us don’t take the time to consider how crazy this is. Some pretty major health conditions are “cured” by basically the belief that the pill or injection will work.

This is obviously power of the mind stuff, but until recently scientists had never been able to actually “see” the placebo effect actually working in the brain.

Thanks to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (f MRI) and PET scans, researchers can now see the brain work in real time.

The Placebo Research

A researcher named Jon-Kar Zubieta, a neurologist at the University of Michigan, used some amazing trickery in order to discover that the driver of placebo effect in the brain is an area called the nucleus accumbens (NAcc).

What is interesting, (and actually makes sense) is that this area of the brain is responsible for our expectancy of reward.

I won’t go into too much detail about the actual study (it involved researchers sticking subjects in the jaw with a needle to cause pain – OUCH!!!), and then giving them an intravenous pain cure.

The cure of course was just plain old saline solution (a placebo).

The PET scans revealed that the placebo caused an actual dopamine boost with highest dopamine release coming from the nucleus accumbens (NAcc).

All the subjects experienced some relief, but some more than others.

So the researchers used fMRI on the same subjects to see if there was a correlation between those who got the best placebo effect with those who potentially had the mostactive nucleus accumbens (NAcc).

Scientists are tricky! Here is how they pulled it off.

While using f MRI to monitor brain activity, they had the subjects play a game where they could receive monetary rewards. The anticipation of reward intensified the activity in the nucleus accumbens.

The cool part is that the people who had the highest activity in the NAcc during the game are the same people who had the most profound placebo effect in the pain part of the study.

The Take Home

So it seems that it pays to have an NAcc that hums if you want to get cured by a sugar pill.

I have been thinking about this study a lot and it begs this question.

Could we actually train ourselves to enhance our expectancy of reward, thus strengthening the NA? If so, this might mean we could develop some ability for self healing. Or it just might be genetic – nobody knows right now

Here is the citation for the study I just summarized.

Scott et al.: Individual Differences in Reward Responding
Explain Placebo-Induced Expectations and Effects
Publishing in Neuron 55, 325–336, July 19, 2007. DOI

The research is still in its early stages and I would curious if any of you have any other real research on the subject (not new age mumbo jumbo, but real peer reviewedresearch).

If you do, just post it below.

Here are some other cool facts about the placebo effect:

  • Orange, Red and other hot colored tablets work better as stimulants.
  • Cool colored ones (blue, green, purple) work better as depressants.
  • Big pills generally work better than small pills!
  • Higher priced pills work better than lower priced pills.
  • Injections work better than tablets
  • And “branded” tablets work better than unbranded tablets!

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