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Today, I’m going to show you 3 ways that you can do interval training at home with no equipment. So, forget about the fancy treadmill and elliptical machines, all you’ll need for this workout is a dumbbell for two of the exercises along with your bodyweight.

The first exercise I’m going to show you are dumbbell Swings. This exercise can also be done with a kettlebell. So, what you will do is perform a series of swings for 30 seconds, and then rest 30-60 seconds, or however long you need, and then repeat that 6 times. A swing is similar to the squat motion, but it involves a lot of power from your hips and not a lot from your arms.

So, holding the dumbbell with both hands against your body in front, place your feet a little bit wider than hip width apart, push your hips back, and then swing up. You should be using a lot of hip power to perform this movement.

The next exercise you can do are Burpees. This fat burning exercise can be done a couple of different ways. You can drop down, kick your feet out, back in and then jump up, or you can make it more difficult by including a push-up into the Burpee. For this particular movement, you would go down, kick your legs out, push-up, legs in, and jump up.

The last exercise you can do is the dumbbell Squat Press. For this exercise, place the dumbbells palms facing out and next to your head, then squat down and as you come back up press the dumbbells straight up over head. Repeat that motion for 30 seconds or 20 repetitions and then take a minute rest and repeat 5-6 times. This is a great total body exercise.

So, there are the 3 fat-burning interval program type exercises you can do at home to burn a lot of calories and blast away the fat.

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