Maximize your weight loss on fat burning diets with these complete and Easy to Use Fat Loss Tools.

Do you know how to:

Fat Loss Tools at Your Finger Tips

Fat Loss Tools at Your Finger Tips

“Create your short and long term fat loss goals”

“Chart your fat loss progress”

“Plan your daily calorie intake”

“Eat meals with the right macronutrient ratios”

“Know your basal metabolic rate”

“Exercise in your fat burning zone”

Meal Calorie Planner

This incredible tool will reduce your time spending on planning and tracking your fat burning journey. The key to success is to understand how your body losses fat and gains muscle.

Here are a few of the features of the Meal Calorie Planner:

Allocate planned daily calories to each meal of the day for each day of the week

Enter your Basal Metabolic Rate for any day of the week

Determine your planned daily calorie intake using a percentage increase or decrease from your Basal Metabolic Rate

How many calories?

How many calories?

Design a calorie plan for each meal of the day and immediately see the total calories from all meals of the day

Plan from one to six meals for the day

Select meal food items from a drop down list of system and user defined food items

View the unit of measure and single serving quantity for each food item selected

Calculate the total calories from protein, carbohydrates, and fat based on their weight for each meal

Change any meal food item or quantity and immediately see the change in calories or ratios for the meal or the day

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculators

What is Basal Metabolic Rate?

That is the number of calories you need each day to maintain and sustain your bodily functions.

In Tom Venuto’s e-book “Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle” you will learn about 3 basic methods of determining your BMR.

1.  The Harris-Benedict Total Daily Energy Expenditure

2.  Katch-McArdle Lean Body Mass

3.  The Quick Method.

The worksheet contains all three methods for both men and women.

Goal Weight Progress Chart

Goal setting for effective weight loss is not negotiable. If you are really committed to burn fat and create a healthy lifestyle you MUST SET ACHIEVABLE GOALS.

The Goal Weight Progress Chart really has two purposes.

1        It calculate your goal weight based on a targeted percent of body fat

2        It tracks your progress at reaching your goal weight over fifty-two weeks.

Record you name, age (12-99), and gender

Enter your current skinfold thickness in millimeters and your current weight

From this info your current body fat percentage, fat weight and lean body mass is calculated.

A progress bar indicates when you achieve your weight loss goals

Two visual indicators display you current fat condition and rating.

Fat Burning Zone Calculators

Are You Friends With your Scale?

Are You Friends With your Scale?


One can waste a lot of time and energy exercising and achieving minimal results if you do not understand the importance of being in the fat burning zone.

The secret is to get optimal results by eating healthy and exercise effectively.

Tom Venuto’s comprehensive explanation of fat burning diets and fat burning exercises can help you get past the over-hyped fat loss programs that only work for the short run.

Using both, the Karvonnen Method and the Age Predicted Method, you can zero in on when you are actually exercising in the fat burning zone.

The way to stay committed and working on fat burning is by setting goals, creating a plan and then having enough information to know that the plan is working to meet your goal.

How many times have you tried to lose weight without a goal and without a plan?

I would guess many times and usually without much long-term success. If one do not plan what you are going to eat one tend to eat what is convenient and it is usually unhealthy fat gaining food.

How do you determine if your plan is consistently working or if you have reached a plateau and need to revise your plan to break the plateau? It’s really hard if you haven’t been recording what you have been eating and whether you have been burning more calories than you take in.

These are excellent fat loss tools to help you on your fat burning diet journey and effectively use fat burning exercises to achieve fantastic results. As you see the fat burning away you will automatically be more motivated to stay focused in achieving your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Achieve Your Fat Burning Diet Goals

Achieve Your Fat Burning Diet Goals

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