Hypnosis therapy, or hypnotherapy, is becoming a growth industry thanks to the recent upsurge in popularity backed up by scientific research.

Unlike many unproven alternative medicines Hypnotherapy has been proved to work as thousands of people around the world have testified. Even the scientific community agrees that hypnosis can help people suffering from phobias and panic attacks, memory loss and insomnia, infertility and certain other medical disorders, stuttering and snoring, allergies and hyperactivity.

Problems such as anger management, work related stress, writers block and other anxiety related disorders can also be successfully resolved. Other things that hypnosis can help with include stopping cigarette smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, pain management (especially for migraines, cancer and childbirth) and weight /appetite related disorders such as obesity and bulimia.

Scientifically controlled studies by various Universities and medical organizations have proved that hypnosis weight loss in the form of hypnotherapy combining CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), exercise and a controlled diet has been shown to provide positive results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a way of psychologically modifying behavior patterns, individually held assumptions or beliefs.

If someone believes that they are unattractive then no matter what that person does, no matter what anyone says to them to the contrary, they will believe that they are unattractive.

Through hypnotic suggestion and evaluation a person can be persuaded to modify their thought processes thus changing their reactions to daily situations which can lead to a sometimes dramatic personal physical and lifestyle change.

An overweight person believes that all the extra food they eat is necessary either because they believe themselves hungry or that food is in short supply or that fat is good or one of many other reasons.

Someone suffering from Bulimia often has extreme guilt feelings about their overeating while for obese people overeating is often a form of compensation. These eating disorders are simply a manifestation of an inner behavioral disorder that can be treated in a sympathetic and gentle way.

Although there is no magical cure to these problems it has been shown that by using hypnosis or CBT a hypnotist can teach someone to relax thus alleviating stress.

The subject can then be introduced to new ideas and new patterns of behavior thereby changing the overeating routine. By changing the way someone sees themselves, by changing behavioral patterns, a subject can be made to pause and reflect on what they’re doing the next time they’re tempted to binge. This kind of therapy can also encourage the person to take up some form of exercise and start appreciating and looking after their body.

Hypnosis weight loss and other forms of hypnosis therapies have been proven to work gently and permanently by changing one’s attitude to oneself and others.

Hypnosis can help with many different kinds of illnesses and conditions where a behavioral disorder manifests itself as a physical problem. By gently persuading people to change their attitudes many have been helped change to a healthier, happier lifestyle using hypnosis weight loss and other therapies.

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