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What Are Some Super Fat Burning Foods?

If you don’t know what super fat burning food is, it’s food that enhance body’s fat burning capacity.

I’m not looking for ways to lose weight, just changing the way I eat.

I’m vegetarian.

There are no foods that make you burn calories more.

Your metabolism is increased by activity and higher muscle mass only.

Wedges of pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon, an...

Citrus - Super Fat Burning Food

Celery is so low in calories that it takes more calories to digest it, than it gives the body. There is no proof that water with lemon or any citrus fruit increases the metabolism.

One thing that is true about lemon juice is that when you put it on your food, it causes you to salivate, and saliva is what breaks down your food for digestion. It just helps break down that steak you have eaten so your body can absorb the nutrients easier.

I think that is where people come up with the lemon juice/grapefruit diet farce.

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Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and TTMembers shows us how to burn fat effectively with interval training.

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I am 34 and trying to get back in shape. I look good all around but I just cant get rid of these love handles.
Currently, I am running, playing tennis, jump rope, dieting, drinking 2-3 glasses of water a day.
Are there certain foods that destroy fat?

I appreciate your tips.

First, I’m glad to read that you’re taking positive steps to improve your health. Secondly, please note that spot reducing doesn’t work. Your body loses fat ‘all over’ rather than in sections. Finally, losing weight requires both exercise and caloric restriction. Since you’re going to be doing both, keep the following in mind (it’s what I’ve told people for over 2 decades in my practice):

1) Check with your physician to be certain that you are physically able to reduce your calories and increase your exercise habits safely.

2) Make certain that the calories you are eating are as balanced as possible. Finding out how much protein, carbs, and fats your body needs on a daily basis can really help keep your energy levels high all day long. The #1 reason my clients tell me that they’ve stopped dieting or exercising in the past is because of low energy ebbs. Also remember that you may need supplements to help things along.

3) While exercising (before, during, and after) be sure to consume enough water. The key is not to be ‘thirsty’ (overtly) during this time of exercise.

4) Adding weight bearing exercise (i.e., lifting weights) will help to tone your body and the thermogenic (fat burning) effect will last long after you’ve stopped working out — even if your workout is simply walking).

5) Remember that you’ll probably hit plateaus (times when you’ll stop losing weight) several times during your weight loss progress. This is completely normal and is only temporary but it can last for a couple of weeks at a time. It is very important to remember that even if your scale isn’t showing progress, your entire body is being positively effected by your efforts.

6) Measure different parts of your body (neck, upper arms, lower arms, chest, abs, waist, belly, butt, thighs, etc.) and do it accurately. Write these measurements down and check them once every 2 weeks. This will help you remember that your body is ‘reducing’ all over — not just in one particular area. If you’re weight training you may actually notice a slight increase in some areas of your body (don’t worry — if you’re a woman you won’t start looking like a bodybuilder).

7) Keep focused on your end goal and concentrate on losing maybe 1 pound a week — sometimes you’ll lose more, sometimes less. As long as it’s an average, it’s okay.

8) Lastly, remember that you’re doing a WONDERFUL thing for your body.

Keep up the good work. I’ve worked with hundreds of people in the past 20 years (mostly women) who have lost (individually) HUNDREDS of pounds safely. Better still, they’ve kept it off — Kay lost over 350 pounds and has been at her goal weight for 7 years now.

As for what to take, that depends entirely on what your body needs. Anyone who suggests that you take something that ‘works for everyone’ is either confused or deluded. For example, if you had a twin brother or sister your bodies could react completely different to certain supplements or foods on a metabolic level.

There are supplements and foods that help to counter the production and absorption of fat (chitosan, certain Omega’s) but you may or may not need them to be successful.

If you want to learn more about what you might want to take you can visit my site (below).

Any questions, don’t hesitate to write and ask.

Lonnie Honeycutt, C.N.C.
Your Health Is My Concern

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What are some great calorie and fat burning foods?

I need to know some great fat burning foods that give you a lot of energy, help you burn calories, and raise your metabolism. I would be really happy if someone answered this. I don’t have to lose but like 15 pounds so no medicines.
Thanks if you answered : ]

Not sure about the raising metabolism thing, not sure if that’s possible, sorry. A lot of energy????
Quaker Oatmeal.
Quaker Oatmeal Bar.
Special K Cereal.
Special K Breakfast Bar.
Anything with dip and vegetables (of your choice, washed and as long as your not allergic to it)!!!!

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