For getting your copy of the 7 Eternal Laws of a Red Hot, Fat Scorching Metabolism today I am going to give you free private access to an hour long Audio Seminar between my friend and special guest Doctor Tom Bilella and myself.

To many the truth about how your body releases fat remains a mystery but once you know precisely how your own “weight-loss regulator” works you then hold the key to shedding body-fat now and keeping it off for life.

This simple, clear, no BS 87 page “manual” for stoking your own red-hot, fat-burning engine is perfect for the person who’s looking to start the New Year clear, energized and focused.

Now you’re free to feel the energy of a lean and strong body while enjoying more of everything! More food, More energy, More strength, More confidence.

In just the last year I’ve received literally thousands and thousands of questions about metabolism! In an effort to deliver a new and rare level of clarity to this important subject I reached out to one of the country’s leading alternative care experts, Tom Bilella D.C., N.D..

The founder of the renowned Nutrition Treatment Center located in Red Bank, NJ,  “Doctor Tom” is on the front lines changing (and saving) lives every day.

Doctor Tom and I cover each of the 7 Eternal Laws, answer questions from callers and provide you with critical information you won’t want to miss, in a fun enjoyable format.

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Here is another cool site about Metabolism:

All weight loss activities have some sort of after burn effect but only the after burn effect of high intensity activities keeps your fat-burning metabolism higher for much longer periods of time.

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