Quote: The cardiologist’s diet:  If it tastes good, spit it out.
– Anonymous

Having trouble jumping up simply to let those jeans fit your thighs. Before a housemate protests about the minor earthquakes you create, consider working on your part of striving to begin a better and healthier life for your very self.

How about a fat burning diet? It does not mean that you’ll starve to death but you just need to make an effort to shed weight.

Weight loss is as puzzling as getting products in a very active market. Too swarmed with methods that come with too many pledges, it boggles up your mind. These promises come with the best advertisements and testimonials.

Nevertheless, did you know that you possess entire control over your weight? Effective weight loss depends upon your metabolism and your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate.

What exactly is RMR?

It is the total rate consumed by your body in utilizing fuel or burning calories but at times that we are just not executing anything or whilst resting.

There are actually factors that affect our RMR. Age has a huge effect on our RMR. Once we become more aged, our muscles weaken and it contributes to lower RMR. Because of this, growing older is associated with packing on weight.

Dieting or any form of working out is not a guarantee that one will effectively lose weight. Maybe you have good short-term results with dieting. But what about attaining and sustaining your perfect long-term  weight?

We all know that the latter is more important compared to former. Weight-loss may indicate losing muscle tissue rather than losing your fats. Muscles are very important for metabolism, so you may just obtain the other-way-around outcomes.

As you take steps in maximizing your RMR, you happen to be driving yourself on your way to a healthier weight and a healthier life.

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