Fitness for everyoneHave you been hoping to get fit, but you feel like you are so far away from your weight loss goal that it is impossible? Have you spent the last several days searching for the perfect weight loss workout plan, looking for something that you feel able and ready to do? Maybe you have five pounds to lose, or twenty, or fifty, or a hundred or more, and you don’t know where to start to get back into shape. That is probably what led you here in the first place.

I am here to tell you a secret: there is no perfect weight loss workout plan. We all want something tailor made by an expert to suit us, but the truth is there is no magic go-to to help us slim down and tone up. We are all at different levels physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Getting fit takes strength of will and is hard work. Sometimes it can feel like an insurmountable task, rendering even a fantastic, personalized and expensive plan useless.

So, where do you begin? Wherever you like. The important thing to remember is that even a small effort in the beginning is a good one. Once you get started you will almost certainly struggle, and you will find yourself unable to do that much. But after a few weeks you will see your stamina building, and that effort will no longer be a challenge. So you will double it, then triple it, then add it to different workouts or activities. Where you start is not where you will end, so don’t worry about your beginning level.

There are some general rules you should follow to see it through:

  • Do something you enjoy. This is crucial, because if you do something you hate, you will find it almost impossible to do it every day you are supposed to. Hate running but like biking? The opt for a ride around the city rather than a jog. Like to swim? Find a community center with pool access on the cheap and do it in the morning before work, or in the evening before bed. If you like it, you will be more eager to do it, especially on those days where you don’t feel like doing much at all.
  • Do something to distract yourself. A workout goes much faster if you have something else to focus on. Bring along your MP3 player and listen to a book on tape or podcast, some talk radio or a blood pumping music playlist. Watch the televisions in the workout room or gym, or bring a media player that lets you watch movies or TV. Anything that keeps your mind focused away from the timer.
  • Do something with a friend. A spouse, a friend, a sibling, kids or just a workout buddy from a fitness group make great motivators. Have them exercise with you, or make it a fun group activity everyone can enjoy. If you have someone to hold you accountable, and for you to hold accountable in return, you are more likely to work out.
  • Do something different. Don’t restrict yourself to a single workout if you get bored. Some people like to follow a routine all the time, which is fine. But if you are like me you should mix things up to keep yourself from losing interest. Have a small arsenal of workouts to do on different days, such as running, biking, an in-gym workout, a swim, yoga and exercise videos. Do whatever feels good for that day.
  • Do a fitness class. Classes can be a lot of fun, and a great way to meet other health conscious friends. Zumba, pilates, yoga, spinning, water aerobics, salsa and hip hop dancing, martial arts, kickboxing…there are classes for people at every level and with any interests. With a gym membership you will usually have access to all classes, but you can also find community run classes around your city.
  • Do keep track of your progress (here is one fun free Twitter-based tool for that!). Whether you use a notebook, a chart or a website like Sparkpeople, you should keep track of your progress. How you do this is up to you; you can go by the scale, by inches, or just by how you feel at the end of a workout and how long you can go at what intensity. Whatever you decide, you should take some time to recognize how far you have come. It is the greatest motivation there is.


If you want a place to start, you can use any one of these websites to get you on the right track. They are appropriate for anyone, and you are sure to find something to meet your needs.

  • SparkPeople – A personal favorite, Sparkpeople is a comprehensive site with a fitness tracker, food diary, personal blogs, community groups, fitness videos (including the popular 10 – 15 minute workouts), recipes and articles. They also have a point system with trophies.
  • – A website with a ton of fun and interesting workouts set to good music. Better for intermediate and advanced users, but with beginner options. This is a nice way to get in a workout without going anywhere.
  • Crossfit –  A great site for advanced fitness buffs. Crossfit has some of the more challenging workouts that I have found, which can be adapted well for your style. You can either do them alone, or by going to one of their licensed providers. They also have a great course for kids.
  • StickKNot fitness specific, StickK can be used to set and reach goals. The idea is based on a university study that found that people were more successful at reaching goals if they had something to lose. So you make a commitment, set stakes (as in laying cash down), and get going. If you don’t reach that goal you lose your money. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight or get fit, this is the way to do it.
  • Ross Training – A strength and conditioning blog. This forum is a great place to meet like-minded individuals and get advice and training tips.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – A blog written by Mark Sisson about health, nutrition, fitness and the industry.

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This is a guest post by Jessy Troy who tries to find her own perfect plan (and loves discovering great free tools for that)! She blogs on trainer fitness and dreams of a fitness body!

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FITNESS – Fat Burning Workout Routine

Part 3 of the Full Body Blast workout routine. If you want to get in shape at home for free visit Zuzana’s fitness site http://www.BodyRock.Tv

Duration : 0:1:38
[youtube 3-2j-oxi6Hc]

Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen – and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen….

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10 minute workout


Today I am going to reveal to you the secret to the elusive 10 minute total body workout. A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible to get an incredible workout in only 10 minutes that will help with your fat loss program. But, of course you can and it’s very simple.

Start with a general bodyweight exercise as your warm-up. So, in this example I am going to do a bodyweight squat with hands in front, and pair that with a push up. If you’re a beginner, then you can easily substitute wall squats and kneeling push ups.

Complete two rounds of that superset, performing 10 repetitions for each. Once you have finished the warm-up superset, your body should be ready for the next round of exercises.

The two best exercises to couple together in a 10-minute workout are the dumbbell squat exercise and the dumbbell chest press. When doing the former exercise, obviously you are working your lower body, but you are also
working your upper back by holding those dumbbells in position.

For the first set I want you to pick a weight that is relatively easy. So, choose a weight that you could normally do for 15 repetitions and only do 10. After you finish the 10 reps move on to the chest press and follow the same method.

One of the great things about this dumbbell pairing is that you can usually use the same weight you used for the squat as you use for the chest press, saving you time. After finishing the first round of the superset, increase the weight, so that it is now a very difficult challenge. Now, you will want to complete the set performing 8 repetitions. If 8 reps is still too easy, then add more weight and continue on.

Do as much as you can in 10 minutes and that’s your workout. If you follow the guidelines I have outlined and combine it with a quick warm-up and the proper weights, then you can get a great total body workout in only 10
minutes that will increase your metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle.

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No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise

Find out the Number 1 fat burning exercise.

Find more fitness videos at or own this video for just $0.75! This “Hang Clean-Push Press-Front Squat” combo will get your heart rate pumping and burn calories to maximize results for the quick workout.

Duration : 0:2:27

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Are you ready for a butt-kicking, fat burning workout that will give you ripped abs? This is the best fat burning ab workout you can do.

Let’s begin with the first superset which includes the Dumbbell Press Squat exercise and the Pull-up with Knee-up exercise.

For the DB Press Squat, start by holding the DB at shoulder height with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Next, squat down, and then drive up, while raising the DB above your head. Do all repetitions for one side,
then switch arms and do the other.

The second exercise in the first superset is the Pull-Up with Knee-Up. For this exercise, begin by taking an overhand grip, and as you pull-up, bring your knees up to your chest, and then slowly lower back down. Although a
difficult exercise to perform, this is a really great one because it’s actually two exercises in one.

If, however, you can’t do the Pull-up with Knee-up exercise, you can easily substitute high repetition dumbbell rows (20 reps per side). By doing a high number of repetitions, your body is fighting against the rotation. Therefore, if you keep proper form and do high reps, your abs will actually
feel it the next day. Just be sure to choose a weight that is very challenging, but still allows you to use proper form.

For the second superset of workout “B” in AAA Abs, you will perform the Front Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat along with an advanced version of the stability ball plank, the Stability Ball Plank Rollout.

To begin, get a dumbbell, kettlebell, or a weight plate and place it across your chest, lift one foot on a bench behind you, drop your hips straight down, keep your torso upright, and come back up. Do all repetitions for one side, and then switch over to the other side and do the same thing.

The second exercise of the superset is the Stability Ball Plank Rollout. To get in position for this exercise, place your elbows on the stability ball so that you’re body is now in a plank position with feet on the ground, and then roll the ball out and then back in. If you are unable to do this
exercise, then you can do a plank with arms on the ball. If that is still too difficult, then just do a regular plank with elbows on the floor.

For the third superset in workout “B” of AAA Abs, you will combine the One- Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl with a unique version of the side plank that includes a Dumbbell Lateral Raise.

So, for the leg curl exercise get on the floor and place one foot on the stability ball and the other straight up in the air. Next, you will curl the ball in and out, while bridging your hips up. Do all reps for one side, and then switch sides. This exercise provides a really powerful contraction for the hamstrings, and you need to work your body as a unit.

Once you’re done the leg curl exercise, you’re going to follow that up with the Side Plank with a DB Lateral Raise. Get into the side bridge position, hold the dumbbell down by your side, and then perform a side lateral raise up to the top and lower back down.

There’s still one more superset to go in workout “B” of AAA Abs. So, for this final superset you are going to combine Burpees and Chin-ups with Jumping Jacks or Running in Place.

For the first exercise of the superset, do a burpee and then immediately follow it with a chin-up. Do that for 10 repetitions and then do the jumping jacks or running in place for either 20 repetitions or 20 seconds. That is one set, so you will perform that 3 times in total.

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