Can Your Inner Mind Be An Appetite Zapper?

The Appetite Zapper – What is it?

This CD session uses a unique method of creating an internal (and unconscious) mechanism that makes food choices for you.

Without a thought, you will find that your appetite has changed.

One of my clients told me that she was cutting up vegetables the next day for a snack. She says she never eats vegetables, but now loves them.

Another client told me that she had a box of chocolates in front of her and did not feel like eating them. She called me to ask if something was wrong with her. I said, well, tell me how you feel about the chocolates. She said that she just did not feel like eating them.

Wonderful! You inner mind is doing just what it should… making it natural and easy for you to turn down fatty foods.

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This CD is a fantastic hypnosis journey guided by both male and female Certified Hypnotherapists.

The Guided Imagery and psychoacoustics on this recording are incredibly effective.

Compare it to anything you may have heard or used in the past.  And, you will find this CD program to be one of the most powerful and well produced Audio CDs you have ever heard!

# Hypnosis is quickly becoming the fastest, safest and most effective way to modify your life and habits.  Simply listen while relaxing or sleeping and your metabolism will begin to change. You will be able to envision your body mentally, and shape and sculpt it subconsciously.

# Famous people know the secret to losing weight and keeping it off.  Now allow this powerful audio program to work for you. Visualizing your new body and mentally changing your lifestyle and ideas about food will bring the permanent changes you want in your life.

# Spending money on fad diets are a waste but, spending just 25 minutes per day for a week listening to this CD will bring the results you desire.

Thereafter, listen as you wish to help you continue to develop and sculpt your body and maintain your ideal image.

Diets only work long enough for you to lose a few pounds. Then it is easy to gain the weight right back. The problem isn’t you! The problem is your lifestyle and eating habits.

This audio CD program assists you in changing your thoughts about food and your lifestyle. You can reprogram your subconscious to change unhealthy eating and exercise routines. You subconsciously put the weight on.

Now, use the power of your subconscious mind to lose weight permanently! Undo the negative patterns and reprogram your subconscious mind. The extra pounds will begin to disappear. Your life will change!

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Advanced techniques enable you set and achieve your weight loss goals …

Develop a healthy lifestyle with delicious fat burning food and fat burning workouts.

Replace guilt and negativity with confidence, self-discipline, and drive.

Enjoy the process along with the results!

Amazing music, messages and binaural beats are specifically designed to work with each other in the simplest, best way possible:

All you need to do is play the CD while you’re working, reading, driving in your car, using the computer, etc.

The affirmations and suggestions are “buried” in the music.

All you hear is pleasurable music.

ONLY your subconscious mind hears the messages, where they are the Most Effective

Let the CD do the work FOR you;

Change the way you think and feel

Change your experiences

Change your life…Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Ready to Lose the Last 10 Pounds?

If you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss attempts and you just can’t lose the last 10 pounds, you’re not alone. Although they may have been able to lose 25, 50, or even 100 pounds, that last 10 just wants to stick, and it seems like nothing helps get it off.

However, there are several small steps that you can take to crank up your fat burning metabolism and get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat. To lose the last 10 pounds, try a combination of these fat-busting tricks.

1) Workout More: Many people react to a weight-loss plateau by cutting calories; this is not as effective as increasing your workout frequency. You will find that increasing the frequency of your cardiovascular exercise sessions, instead of cutting calories, may just be the step that you need to take to put you back on track.

You may be able to burn more fat and lose the last 10 pounds so as to reach your weight loss goal if you add 1 or 2 extra cardio sessions to your weekly exercise routine.

2) Increase the Intensity of Your Workout: If you can’t squeeze in extra cardio sessions or if for some reason, it does not do the trick, you may have to increase the intensity of your workout. Your body may actually respond to an increased intensity in your cardio and weight training routines, setting your metabolism back on track.

You will need to push yourself in order to lose those last 10 pounds and reach your target weight.

3) Slight Cut in Calories: Decreasing your caloric intake may be necessary if changes to your exercise routine, such as increased and intensified sessions, have not helped in breaking that fat-loss plateau and losing the last 10 pounds.

Creating too big of a caloric deficit can cause the body to enter into “survival mode” wherein it will begin storing fat to prevent starvation, so cut calories with caution. Initially, start off by cutting only 100 to 200 calories to check if that kick-starts your fat loss.

4) Eat More Often: Sometimes, it helps to eat more meals throughout the day.

One of the best ways to keep your body’s metabolic rate at its peak is by eating smaller meals more frequently.

5) Stop Indulging: While small cheat meals consumed in moderation are fine to reward yourself for your hard work, going overboard can sabotage your results. However, eliminating even the few cheat meals that you have been indulging in will surely help you lose the last 10 pounds.

6) Hydrate Your Body: To keep your fat burning metabolism functioning at its peak, keep your body properly hydrated. This is one of the easiest steps you can take to maximize your results and lose the last 10 pounds; it might be just what you need.

7) Sleep More: Adequate sleep is a must for weight loss, and the lack of it can adversely affect the body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. Getting enough sleep is important as it helps you recover between workouts, keeps hormone levels in balance, and gives you the energy you need to be consistent with your fitness routine.

8) Change Macronutrient Intake: Another effective method to lose the last 10 pounds and meet your weight loss goal is to alter your macronutrient ratios.

Sometimes, all you need is a small change in the proportions in which you eat proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to help you lose the last 10 pounds.

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A relaxing and energizing tool for your weight loss journey…

This tape tackles weight loss as a body image issue. An extremely powerful and enjoyable tool to help you look and feel exactly as you choose.

Its visualization, affirmations, emphasis on self-esteem, and goal oriented approach offer an easy, quick and permanent way to control weight

Side 1 is a relaxation session, using visualization techniques read by Robert Griswold. Side 2 has flute/new age music with subliminal messages only. The tape is fairly short, but effective.

Use it at home when relaxing or right before bedtime. Use it in conjunction with any fat burning diet to help you stay on track. It is a great help when you have to combat those blue feelings when the pounds will not come off.

You will, without a doubt, feel better, have a different outlook on life, nicer feelings about yourself and the most crucial effect will be on your eating habits.

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