If you don’t know what super fat burning food is, it’s food that enhance body’s fat burning capacity.

I’m not looking for ways to lose weight, just changing the way I eat.

I’m vegetarian.

There are no foods that make you burn calories more.

Your metabolism is increased by activity and higher muscle mass only.

Wedges of pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon, an...

Citrus - Super Fat Burning Food

Celery is so low in calories that it takes more calories to digest it, than it gives the body. There is no proof that water with lemon or any citrus fruit increases the metabolism.

One thing that is true about lemon juice is that when you put it on your food, it causes you to salivate, and saliva is what breaks down your food for digestion. It just helps break down that steak you have eaten so your body can absorb the nutrients easier.

I think that is where people come up with the lemon juice/grapefruit diet farce.

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