Quote: Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
I think not!
– Anonymous

Many different elements lead to our food choices and these choices start right from childhood.

Initially the family environment establishes the foods we eat growing up. Other kids we mix with at school also determine our eating habits.

Youngsters will acquire bad eating habits from their parents and they will naturally begin to pick the exact types of foods as their parents due to the fact that’s what they are used to eating. If that food has minimal vitamins and minerals then the never-ending need to feed the hunger will start and gradually as time passes, the % of excess body fat increases.

Consider all the foods and drinks that you eat now and whether you definitely enjoyed eating or drinking them the first time you experienced them.

How many young people don’t like the taste of alcoholic drinks when they first try them only to consume vast quantities later in life? They have become accustomed to the taste and over time, anyone can change their eating and drinking habits according to their environment and choices.

Just look at all the types of foods that are consumed throughout the world by different races of people. If you were living in another country, it is highly likely that your eating habits would be completely different to what they are now.

Fortunately, you can reverse bad eating habits by eating fat burning foods that are better for your health and in doing so you will become more accustomed to eating these healthy foods  and prefer them to the foods that have caused the over weight problems in the first place.

The hunger won’t be there and the need to consume excessive amounts of food will be gone because you will be getting sufficient nutrition while eating a reasonable amount of food.

You will feel more satisfied more of the time and that is something that most over weight people are constantly trying to achieve but never managing even by eating huge portions of food.

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