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Most of the time when people are looking at losing weight, they are really looking for a miracle cure or quick fix that will help them lose that extra twenty or thirty pounds.

Typically people want to avoid any hard work in hopes of effortlessly losing weight quickly.  Most of these quick weight loss diets that are supposed to remove pounds per day really don’t work and are not healthy in the long run.

Many of these diets are not entirely safe and focus on almost starving you for a short period of time just to attempt to drop a few pounds per day.  The thought is that if you can make it through a few days of hunger, then you can drop the weight.

Even if pounds come off, is this actually working?

For short term diets, most of the time all you are really losing is water weight.  After you start eating and drinking water as you normally do, all of this weight will come back negating any loss that you thought you might have had.

Another factor in starvation based diets is that you end up losing about as many pounds in muscle as you do in fat.  The big issue with this is that the less muscle that you have, the less calories your body will burn in it’s natural state.  Losing muscle is a horrible strategy for losing weight since after the diet is over it will be much easier to gain back the weight and end up being harder to get off after wards.

If there was a simple proven way to stay fit and thin without fairly disciplined eating and some exercise, everyone would be thin.  It is best to stop looking for shortcuts and start working on proven diet plans that you know will get you results over the long term.

Too many people want to have a quick and easy weight loss diet.  The problem is, the majority of these fad diets  do not actually work very well and will ultimately leave you worse off in the long run.

Article Source : Why Quick Weight Loss Diets Never Really Work In The Long Run : ArticleBase

Charlotte Plante
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